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Safety Is Paramount With Automatic Doors

Automatic doors should be a fantastic addition to any business; they look great and offer a warm welcome to staff and customers. Yet as with any large, electronically controlled equipment, safety is paramount, and a number of practices need to be in place to make sure no incidents occur.

Accidents on business premises are also unwanted situations. It isn’t good for any business to be plagued with negative press on the subject of customer care. There may also be monetary and legal implications of such accidents. Even if this isn’t America, and our sue-all culture is nowhere near as rife, there are advertisements just about everywhere offering to
help people who ‘have had an accident that isn’t their fault’, which can result in a sizable dent in the years profits.

It is extremely important the supply and installation of automatic doors is undertaken by a reputable company. Like many industries, there is always the presence of people offering a service which they can’t deliver and automatic doors are no different, you don’t want to risk the reputation of your business for the sake of saving a little cash.

It is crucial that you test the functionality of your automatic doors regularly, even daily. You’ll be able to obtain instruction for this from your supplier at the time of fitting. You should train a number of staff members in the way to conduct safety checks too, as times may arise when it’s necessary to check the equipment at other points in the day. It’s also wise to train your staff in emergency procedures, if the worst should happen and an accident occurs.

The daily check should usually take a minute or so, but ought to be done before business opens each day. When you check your automatic doors you will need to ensure that they’re performing as they were meant, approach from a variety of angles to check the sensors as well as check for any parts that may be loose and could result in problems. If there are any problems or concerns with the safety of the doors, you should cease use immediately, leaving the doors in the open position so people can still enter the premises.

Additionally it is vital that a certified inspector checks the doors yearly; the inspector can look for problems, or pending problems, that yourself and your staff will not be qualified to discover. An annual inspection certificate, stating that the automatic doors are safe for use, may also be vital in the event of any legal repercussions that should follow an accident.

Hopefully all this talk of accidents and legal charges won’t put off any businesses from choosing to put in automatic doors. The truth is that automatic doors are extremely dependable and accidents rarely occur, but it is better to be safe rather than sorry, and to do all you can to make sure no accidents ever do befall your business.

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