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Guest Post Home Improvement

Boost Your Home Improvement Blog SEO Using Guest Post!

As a new blogger, you might be having a hard time finding your blog on top of Google Search. While there is a lot of different techniques out there to improve your ranking on Google Search, but there is one technique that will give you more than just a boost in SEO performance, it is guest posting. Now, if you have a blog that discusses home improvement, you should make guest post home improvement to relevant websites that accept it. In this article, we will guide you on how to start writing your guest post to improve your SEO.

Step 1: Plan Your Goal

Before you start making a guest post on some websites, you need to establish your goal by answering three questions. These questions are: why do you want to start guest posting? How to make it happen? What indicates your success or failure?

To answer why you want to start guest posting, you need to identify your main goal, whether it’s to gain new links, increased the awareness of your brand, or maybe building your image as an expert in a particular field? Choose the reasons that resonate the most with you and your blog and keep it in mind while setting up your strategy. After identifying your goal, you need to find the answer on how to make it happen. Find the best approach to fulfill your purpose by doing extensive research. Set up a plan on how you want to do it, step by step. The last question that you have to answer is what indicates your success or failures. Your success could be measured by how much active authority backlinks that you get from guest posting on reputable websites. To do this, you need to keep on track with how many articles you sent and how many of them being approved by the owners.

Step 2: Do Blog Research

There are a lot of ways to find a relevant blog that accept guest post for you to submit. The most mainstream way is to search on google for keywords like guest post submission opportunity, guest post home improvement, guest post submission, etc. However, if you are not satisfied with the results that you found on Google, there is an alternative for you to find the perfect blog to submit your guest post, which is Twitter. By using Twitter, you could find a lot of guest post opportunities from social media influencers that don’t post looking for a guest post in their blog. To write a guest post for those people, you need to approach them personally on Twitter. Most of them will be happy to share your content if its relevant to their blog.

Step 3: Prepare and Promote Your Content

After finding the blog that accepts your guest post, read their guidelines carefully. If they don’t provide one, ask them about it. Make a guest post home improvement that has high quality and meets their standard. Pay close attention to three things in your article; title, article length, and keywords repetition. Make sure all of these things are in an appropriate manner. After finishing your article, sent it to the owner for final checking and publishing. Once published, share your article to your network, such as to your social media. Monitor the performance of your article, and make a note on what things you need to improve in the future.

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